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Responsible Tourism

Responsible Tourism

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Responsible Tourism

Team Himalaya Treks & Expeditions has been highly intact in Responsible Tourism from the beginning of our company’s history; all our guides and staff are well versed in eco-tourism, caring for the fragile environment saving from destruction and respecting the local culture, traditions, and religions on route our trekking and in any other travel destinations.

We have established the company to serve all travelers with professional management taking of all valued clients' views and interests and making them feel safe, secure, and enjoyable holidays in our friendly and caring environment.

Besides taking care of our clients our staff and porters are equally important as the company provides welfare and insurance, as well respecting the villagers and customs on trekking routes.

Team Himalaya provides employment opportunities and development of the local villages and reduces poverty in whatever we can by creating a fund, where 15-20 % of our gain goes directly to needy villages.

We encourage our guest to purchase local products like handicraft, and carpets and use local accommodation as lodge and guest houses and charity programs that are run by the local community, which helps in building school and houses in rural areas, employment, and allowing local market to sell their product to the tourist which supports sustainability for the people economy growth.

On trekking if camping we always use kerosene stoves or LPG for cooking by not using firewood saving the green environment from destruction, and always encourage our clients to use the same water bottle to avoid plastic mineral water which causes a mess with much garbage where the recycling process is almost nil in Nepal.

We encourage our guests to respect local culture, and traditions and to follow their norms and religious practices in temples, monasteries, and other shrines, and monuments.

We advise our guests to wear appropriate dresses, especially when visiting holy sites, and against nude bathing in rivers and lakes which is a great offense to local communities and culture, we advise our guests to enjoy the local scenery without disturbing the environment and leave nothing but the footprints in all our trips.

Besides the above commitment, these are our main aims and targets to improve Responsible Tourism.

Improvement of quality through education sanitized drinking water, health care, and betterment of transportation.

Identifying the low or poor section of people and helping them in society and the economy.

Creating a good government body to identify and provide people with good service, targets, and efficiency.

Employment of the poor in tourism enterprises and encourage voluntary giving/support by tourism enterprises and tourists, investment in infrastructure stimulated by tourism also benefiting the poor in the locality, directly through support to other sectors.

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