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Tibet trip with Team Himalaya in the world's highest and largest plateau, is certainly an overwhelming journey, as Team Himalaya with reliable and trusted service with our Tibetan counterpart agents which is the travel wing of Team Himalaya provide guaranteed service of native Tibetan guides who will leads and accompany the group to its interesting and impressive places within Tibet with excellent service of our Tibet agents handling all the paper works and permits to travel within the beautiful country Tibet. 
Tibet at present since the end of 1950s after the Chinese invasion has become the Tibet Autonomous Region within mainland China.
The country is so wild where the vegetation are minimum and on this harsh, barren country grows enough crops to feed its people with barley, wheat and other side crops the other products of Tibetans are animal husbandry and breeding.

Tibet with its cold temperature most of the season, however, has sunny days too with strong UV due to the high altitude where one requires good sun glass and sun block cream to withstand the strong sun on this high altitude where the average height is 4,000 meters.
Lhasa stands at 3,660 meters high Team Himalaya has designed the itinerary days making it flexible so that people can get well acclimatized before starting the main tours of its charming places steeped with ancient history and culture.
Whatever your interest and duration we will help you to plan your trip to Tibet with enjoyment and adventure in the world’s highest plateau.

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