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Team Himalaya welcomes travelers to Bhutan for its unique destinations full of colorful festivals, culture, religions, and its way of life as it was for many centuries, the trip and trek in Bhutan with Team Himalaya which is captivating in the hidden corners of this Himalayan small kingdom Bhutan, which is the last and the only Buddhist kingdom beside Thailand.
Our trip to Bhutan is well taken care of by our counterpart agents in Bhutan who will help and support you with your daily needs and requests with our expert team of guides and staff. Traveling in Bhutan is most interesting when you have the right guide and staff to take care of your needs who will accompany you throughout your stay in Bhutan taking care of all the formalities with the most reliable services and hospitality which is the routine of our standard.
All the trips to Bhutan involve flights on Bhutan’s national carrier, Upon reaching Bhutan receive our veteran and expert Bhutanese guide and staff who guide you to all the through the most interesting places around Bhutan as per the trip itineraries.
Team Himalaya has chosen the best holidays in Bhutan for your interest and delights. 

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Tour in Bhutan
Tour in Bhutan
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