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Hiking Tour

Hiking Tour

The trekking trails of Nepal are famous for their strenuous adventure and rewarding views of looming mountains. However, often underrated are the hiking routes of Nepal that boast of similar level of gratification, fun, and enjoyment. Not everyone is willing to commit weeks to travel to the far-flung mountains, but everyone needs a break from the everyday life at times, right? In such cases, the seasoned hiking destinations of Nepal come handy. These hikes are an excellent opportunity to unwind in the nature’s lap while being in close proximity to the city. They also open the windows to the rural Nepalese countryside and its exquisite cultures.

Kathmandu valley along with other places in Nepal are dotted with hiking trails and routes. During the hikes, you can interact with the friendly villagers, observe some exotic bird and animal species, have some gorgeous views of the stretching Himalayas, but most importantly, be in close vicinity of mother nature. The hiking in Nepal is also getting extremely popular among people of all walk of lives. That way, you can meet up several internal and external tourists during your hike tour that will make the whole journey even more eventful and lively.

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